injured in a bus accident

School Bus Safety Tips If you or a loved one was a bus passenger and was involved in a bus accident, or was run over by a bus while in another vehicle, contact Manly Law Personal Injury Attorney Bus Accidents. I need to call a lawyer. Our bus injury attorneys have extensive background in bus accident essential facts and have challenge with some of the greatest bus assemblage in the country, as well as Greyhound.

Bus accidents are distinctive from ordinary car accidents and should only be organized by law firms familiar with commercial, city bus and public moving cases.

We perform not only the passengers of the bus, but also the drivers, pedestrians or cyclists of other vehicles hit by the bus. The second opinion is free, and unless our firm wins the lawsuit, there is no charge.

Cause of bus accident

Many serious bus accidents and overturning accidents are caused by the negligence of bus drivers and bus companies. Examples of these explanations are:

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Driver fatigue:

Like truck drivers, bus drivers drive lengthy distances without long breaks. This can be very exhausting, especially if he takes it later in the day. Driving when tired is a lot like driving drunk. Reaction time slows down and alertness declines. It is easy to overlook important things such as B. When animals run onto the road or when traffic changes suddenly. Tired drivers may cross the center line and encounter oncoming traffic or may not stop for pedestrians crossing.

Tailgate driving:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, taking his eyes off the road for five damaged while driving at 80 km/h is identical to driving beyond a football field without looking. A moment’s carelessness can be deadly, whether you’re on a busy highway or in the city.

Bus driver error:

Mistakes can occur if the bus driver is undisciplined or poorly trained by the bus company. It can be as simple as getting too close to the sidewalk when picking up a passenger, or it can be life-threatening. Poor education and lack of background can easily become a big problem for everyone sophisticated.