Instagram likes pretty much defines the worth of a person which converts him/her to just a number rather than valuing a person for their characteristics. Influencers go absolutely crazy for these likes to the extent of using hash tags which are not even relevant to the picture or the video or hopping on the most ridiculous trend to stay relevant. Sometimes social media in general can be seen as a disease which hit people all around the world due to the advent of internet. Drowning ourselves in dopamine all day looking at content from social media and because of this when our phones are kept away we experience boredom in a very different way.

Need for more followers

Social media hinders us to think without getting distracted to actually be alone with our thoughts for a while becomes mind numbing. It can also be said that social media is a neutral and it depends on the person who is using it. We can make social media benefit us or we can let it harm us by misusing it. Some people use to start their careers by opening LinkedIn account by uploading their experience and connecting with people online to get jobs, others use it for their small businesses selling a variety of items from clothes to bakery items. It is also useful to connect globally to know about unique cultures and trying new things. Meanwhile the social media does point out instagram likes as the ruling factor for your chances of connecting to people but it can also be seen as a learning process to make social media work well for you and actually learn about yourself too. There are negative effects of Instagram likes too it builds an inferiority complex where it can ruin someone’s self-perception too thinking that they are not enough when they are actually more than enough. It creates a lot of unnecessary pressure to be perfect.

A mental health poll asked 1500 people from ages 15-24 to score social media apps on how it affects their body image, anxiety and depression, over 65% of users felt that instagram had a negative impact on their self-image and self-confidence which tells us that we should teach the younger generation that a healthy mind is important than just a few instagram followers and make them participate in extracurricular activities which makes them healthy and wealthy.

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